Thursday, August 28, 2014

SpectreFest 2014 New Horror Happens

SpectreFest returns to the Cinefamily with a wide range of special premieres, special guests and live music for LA's ever earlier starting Halloween season. Screenings and events start as early as next week, Sept 4 and cultivate again into a "Happy Halloween" celebration, the LA premiere of "The Badadook". Halloween night will continue with a sleepover marathon filled childhood terrors and surprise guests.

SpectreVision partners Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller. are bringing the event back after enjoying it as much as the fans. Every event TTDILA attended last year they were in the audience.

Sept 4-Oct 31
The Cinefamily
611 N Fairfax Avenue
Tickets start at $12; varies by event

What a delight to see grown women beat each other to death for a fiendish skinny weirdo and his fat wife. I was just watching Raze, which premiered at the festival last year. It, like many of the other films became cult hits after slowly being released by Magnet and IFC over the last year.

Now we have a whole new special screenings series with special guests to give us nightmares over the coming weeks leading to Halloween.

Starting off the strange and the scary is The Guest, having a free screening. If you missed it at Nextfest and the other free screening at USC, you yet again have another chance to catch it. A film from those who brought you "You're Next". Follow as a man claims to be dead soldier's friend and becomes a strange house guest.

Schedules permitting, Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett in person.

One of TTDILA's favorite directors, NachoVigolando, is having a Nacho Party! (feat. L.A. premiere of "Open Windows", plus "Confetti of the Mind: Nacho Vigolando Shorts") 

Elijah Wood starring in it probably has no bearing on why it's in the festival. In the film, Wood plays Nick, an obsessed fan who wins a date with his obsession Jill Goddard played by Sasha Grey. Jill refuses, the heartbroken Nick gets something else from Jill's campaign manager, the ability to view her at all times via computer.

Can't wait for the weird shots we get out of it and the sense of humor you get in a thriller from  Nacho Vigolando.

No word if Nachos will be served, but whatever, his films are always in good taste. 

Other highlights include a screening of Nightbreed Dir. cut with Clive Barker attending and the 30th Anniversary screening of Gremlins with Joe Dante. Both of which I'm fairly certain already happened in LA earlier this year and last year. Barker will have a special Show and Tell section, showing ogg his creepy collectibles. He'll also be leaving his sketchbooks to view designs for his early creepy creations.

Show & Tell w/ Clive Barker & "Nightbreed": Director's Cut

Gremlins (30th Anniversary!) 

Dead Snow 1 and 2 will have director Tommy Wirkola in person showing off how Nazi zombies can fight Communist zombies.

Kevin Smith's "Tusk" will be playing for one night with him in attendance. Based on a story that Kevin came up with during a podcast about an ad for someone willing to havefree room and board as long as they dressed like a Walrus.

Musical acts are strong with Chrome Canyon playing live to "Metropolis" again. Earlier in September, you have Polish experimental wizard Jacaszek playing live to "The Golem".

Check SpectreFest for updates on all the upcoming events. We merely lanced the boil on the growth of all that's going on.