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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Clitoral Mass A Hippie Biking Event

Hey Ladies,

Want to effectively empower yourselves and have equal opportunity in all fields? Then don't go to Clitoral Mass; if men were doing the ride it might be called Giant Penis. Whatever these women are fighting for it will not be found riding bicycles with no clear way on how that helps women. It's hippy logic, where whatever you want will be fulfilled by actions that in no way will effectively stop or start things from happening.

The event site page says it will e taking back the night, though the event is at 1:30pm. A time when it's still very sunny.

Clitoral Mass
Saturday, August 16
meet up at 1 p.m., ride at 1:30 p.m.
Grand Park, 200 N. Grand Park, DTLA

This event is not listed on the Grand Park site, as the Grand Park doesn't see it as a real event.
Unlike the renegade bike ride, it happens during the day, kind of a cowardly move on the part of what strong women are easily capable of.