Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Slow As Hell Disney Figures On Star Wars Theme Park

Disney... get this, has announced that it will reveal plans for a Star Wars theme park next year. Until next year we might not learn a damn thing. Hey Disney, maybe you want to create a Marvel theme park or announce plans for one now and not tell anyone about it for a year already.

via LAist

A massive Star War Celebration is happening next April in Anaheim. TTDILA would have given details sooner, but it's still so early there's no real info.The possibility of the Star War park being announced at it is high.

Thanks Disney, you probably could have waited on building the awful California Adventure and instead just built a Star Wars and Marvel theme park if you had any real sense of what you were doing.  Instead you took a billion dollars to remake it.

Where the Hell are they going to put the new Star Wars theme park? Is there any room even in Anaheim?