Monday, August 4, 2014

Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition Aug 9 and Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Signing Aug 7

Let's start the Aug 9 festivities with one of my favorite galleries showcasing the work of Adventure Time and Steven Universe in the poorly named 

Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition
August 9, 2014 - August 31, 2014
Aug 9, 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Nucleus Gallery
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

Nucleus has been doing special shows featuring crew art work and special pieces from its top artists for Adventure Time in the past. They started small giving only the top floor of the gallery to Adventure Time, that decision caused a huge line to go straight behind their building and get awfully stuffy. They are on the bottom floor this time with room to spare.

This year Adventure Time is joined by Steven Universe, a show created by former Adventure Time story-boarder Rebecca Sugar. Why it got top billing is beyond me.

Enjoy both shows with artists from both crews and Nucleus' own favored artists. For the AT and Steven Universe fan the events are high up in value. A musical performance from Rebecca Sugar. Pop-up shops from both We Love Fine and and Boom!. Signings from Boom's Adventure Time and Steven Universe artists and writers. Hourly raffles as usual.

Nucleus wants you to cosplay as Adventure Time and Steven Universe characters. Last time the held an Adventure Time art show, seeing an almost naked male Lady Rainicorn was a sight I wish I never saw.

My last though is that with having two of the most creative shows out there, why couldn't they come up with a better name for the show then just the Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition. How about Ooo and The Gems? Finn and Jake and Steven? Go to Nucleus' Facebook and give them your own title for the new show. Because frankly, "Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition" is an unworthy title.

Before you get lost in Adventure Time art, there's also a signing you might want to go for with Martin Olson, better known as The Lord of Evil and Marceline's Dad. He'll be signing the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia (Encyclopedia) yet again this Thursday.

Martin Olson Signing
The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia (Encyclopedia): Inhabitants, Lore, Spells, and Ancient Crypt Warnings of the Land of Ooo Circa 19.56 B.G.E. – 501 A.G.E.
Thursday August 7, 2014 at 7:00 PM to
Barnes & Noble – The Grove at Farmers Market
189 The Grove Drive Suite K 30, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Martin is always a pleasure to be around, not because he's just spooky looking  but because he's a rather nice conversationalist.

Update: New details revealed

'Get Pop Cultured' presents a book-signing and performance for The Adventure Time Encyclopedia by cast members Lord of Evil (Martin Olson) and Marceline The Vampire Queen (his real-life daughter Olivia Olson). Before signing books, there will be an evil slide presentation, book reading and song sung by Marceline and surprise guests, AND an evil Q&A with the cast! Have your books signed at this Unique Evil Performance for all ages!

Back to the art of the matter.

Here's what's up on the current info page on Nucleus for the Steven Universe / Adventure Time tribute exhibition.

Cartoon Network and Nucleus present a Steven Universe / Adventure Time tribute exhibition in celebration of the awesome new animated series.


• BOOM! comic signing 8:00–10:00pm (artists to be announced)
• Steven Universe signing 8:00–10:00pm (artists to be announced)
• Official print release & artist signing
• Hourly raffle prizes at 8, 9 & 10pm (winning raffle numbers announced online)
• Musical performance by Rebecca Sugar
• Complimentary refreshments

• Steven Universe & Adventure Time pop up shop by BOOM! and WeLoveFine
• Over 30 tribute art and cover art pieces on display and available for sale

EXHIBITING ARTISTS at Steven Universe | Adventure Time Exhibition after the jump

Andy Garner-Flexer
Anthony Wu
Becky Dreistadt
Braden Lamb
Britt Sanders
Britt Wilson
Charmaine Verhagen
Chris Houghton
Coleman Engle
Crowced Teeth
Efrain Faryias
Emily Hu
Emily Partridge
Grace Kraft
Jackie Ferrentino
JJ Harrison
Kassandra Heller
Kel McDonald
Kelly Bastow
Kent Osborne
Kevin Stanton
Leslie Hung
Liz Prince
Logan Faerber
Luke Weber
Maris Wicks
Mark Mariano
Matt Forsythe
Meredith McClaren
Michelle Xin
Mimi Yoon
Nicole Gustafsson
Nidhi Chanani
Rich Koslowski
Sophie Goldstein
Steven Conley
Tait Howard
Tiffany Ford
Tom Hunter
Tyson Hesse
Wendi Chen