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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best Places To Rob Rich People In LA

so dumb
Mapped: Where to Get Your Pup Pampered Like Royalty in LA

Just wait for them to deliver their dogs, maybe kidnap their dogs. Sounds like a good movie plot at least.

Go to the Woof Dog Boutique first
"This whimsical Atwater Village boutique will dress your cute canine from head-to-toe, peddling everything from top hats, yamulkes, wigs, bow ties, couture clothes, undies and socks. If their cakes- and lollipop-filled dog bakery isn't enough to start the pooch party, perhaps the dog wine will do the trick?"

If they're buying clothes for their animal they deserve it. Animals don't wear clothes unless they can talk, and only then do they need more than top halfs.