Monday, August 18, 2014

Disney's Extremley Poor Handling of Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls has returned to air waves with a brand new season, though it's now with no new episodes until September 8th.

In another confusing decision by Disney, there will be no new episodes for weeks. Why would a network try and stop new episodes from coming out?

The show airs on both Disney XD and Disney, though on Disney it has a 9pm time slot on Mondays, the perfect choice for no one.

Korra was recently banished off to online to finish her season due to Nickelodeon's saying of poor ratings. How not finishing the season of new episodes at another time slot would hurt the network overall makes no sense or letting it finish its run anyway as Nickelodeon has nothing to fill the void that would garner more ratings.

Its painful to see both Disney and Nickelodeon so poorly mismanaged when you have two such creative shows with seasons already completed and ready to be viewed by audiences and fans who adore them.

Remember to complain to the top e-mail Disney XD and Nickelodeon.