Friday, August 22, 2014

Dave & Buster's Grand Opening Hollywood and Highland

The tickets runneth over!

Finally, finally, we have an arcade back at Hollywood and Highland. Last night, Thursday, August 21st was the Grand Opening of Dave and Buster's at Hollywood and Highland. A huge crowd of VIP's and party guests celebrated by playing the newest arcade machines in America. The crowd was winning tickets by the bucketful. Alongside the the game players we had the DJ playing loud tunes with Bacardi all around.

Hollywood and Highland hasn't had an arcade since uWink closed down so many years ago. Unlike the fallen touch screen arcade/diner hidden in the back of Hollywood and Highland Center, Dave and Buster's is prominently on the second floor ring of Hollywood and Highland Center. With 35,500 square-feet of room, there's space to play and enjoy a sports game. Residents have been waiting for Dave and Buster's at the Center since it was spotted a few months back. Now they have their chances to play their.

The public will have it's first chance to play, eat, drink and watch sports Monday, August 25, starting at 11am.

Dave & Buster's Hollywood
Grand Opening
Monday, August 25
Sun-Wed: 11:00am - Midnight; Thurs-Sat: 11:00am - 2:00am
6801 Hollywood Blvd
LA - Hollywood, CA 90028
Specials1/2 Price Games Wed - open to close.
Eat & Play is $17.99 at this location, restrictions apply
House Policies Kiddie call at 10:00pm
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What we previewed at the party was a huge collection of arcade titles not available anywhere else in the area, unless you wanna drive all the way to the other Dave and Buster's closer to LAX.

For sports fans, they have a 360-degree sports bar, walls of TVs on every side to catch all the games going on.

For those hungry, they have large menu of party and share platters. There's many starters, burgers and desserts to choose from. You'll be able to try something new the first few times you go.

Dave and Buster's has a large collection of spirits and special cocktails to try, if your in the mood to enjoy a brew too, they aren't going to stop you.

You may know Things To Do In LA keeps you up to date with all the arcades in LA and this Dave and Buster's might have the widest selection of new titles in the LA area.

The amount of arcade machines both for winning prizes and just for fun was a long list we have hoped would make it to LA some day. From Namco to Sega they have all the newest machines you can get in America.

One of the best is Namco's Pac Man Smash. A take on air hockey, the game gets crazy as multiple tiny pucks get dropped down at different intervals that can rapidly change your score. What a rush!

Batman makes his debut at Dave and Buster's with a racer? This game, simply titled "Batman", lets you race after bad guys in different scenarios trying to capture or stop them from committing evil, like blowing up Gotham with a nuke. The game let's you choose from a wide variety of Batman's Batmobiles including versions from the films and his animated series. They even have the Adam West version for play. Your not bound to the ground either, some missions have you up in a Batwing.

One of the machines playable was used for Gundam games in Japan with a 360-like degree view. Dome Screen Doghfight Mach Storm has you in the air in as a fighter jet going after other jets, while you're protecting America. You'll have to shoot down other jets with your missiles and machine gun while straddling the stratosphere. The visuals, music and sight are all the more fun in the dome experience that has you sitting in a machine with your total view taken up by it.

For those wanting tickets, they had plenty of the old favorites from basketball to the one where you have to time your button presses. You'll have many chances to win prizes.

The prize redemption center is walk-in. You can look at all the goodies you could win over multiple visits.

They claim to have over 160 games to play; didn't have time to count them all. The selection is varied and has just about every title you want to get your hands on including: Dark Escape 4D, that had a line during the opening. This spooky title has you killing the undead with air, sound, and mist effects. You'll also put on the 3D glasses to be trapped in this horror title.

To play any of the games you do have to activate a Power Card. You put as much money on it as you want and can put more money on it at the power-up stations or online and even through an app.

Dave & Buster's was a much needed addition to Hollywood and Highland. An arcade for both adults and kids, for locals and tourists. We finally can go play Pac-Man again while waiting for the premiere of a movie or for traffic to die down so we can get past the traffic for the premiere of the movie.

The place is going to have a lot of pictures of celebs playing video games.