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Friday, August 8, 2014

LAPD's Daughters: Killing People Getting Ponies

"The daughter of an LAPD sergeant charged with not only fatally hitting a bicyclist with her car and then leaving the scene, but also reporting that car stolen after the incident, pleaded no contest to all charges yesterday. She is expected to be sentenced to two years in September."

Daughter Of LAPD Sergeant Who Killed Cyclist Then Tried To Cover It Up Will Likely Serve Two Years In Prison

I'll give this one to the cyclist community; only two years for manslaughter and to just lie and drive away from the scene. She's not even that pretty, I don't feel sorry for her.

In other new LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck lied about buying a pony horse for his daughter, whose part of the LAPD's horse brigade. If you're Police Chief and you can't buy your daughter a horse whose in the horse brigade, what is the point of having all that power? He's mainly in trouble for not coming clean and lying about knowing he bought the horse. Horses cost about $6,000 or at least the horse Charlie Beck bought his little girl.

Just adding to the mix
Man mistakenly killed by deputy in gunfight was shot in head