Monday, August 4, 2014

The Simpsons Take The Bowl This September

Disney has done it. The Looney Tunes has done it. Pixar and even Dreamworks have done it. Family Guy took a pass at it. Now The Simpsons will take over the Hollywood Bowl for a few nights this September. Scenes from The Simpsons will be accompanied by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and end with a stunning fireworks display. Special guests to be part of the show include Weird Al, Jon Lovitz and Simpsons' cast voice actors. Hank Azaria will be your host. More special guests are planned and rumors of Conan O'Brien singing the Monorail song have come up.

Update: Oh, god! They could finally do the Planet of the Apes Musical for real! I'm being serious. If they pulled that off, my.... words could not describe my joy if the did full songs and spent time on that. Planet of the Apes is owned by Fox.

The Simpsons Take The Bowl
September 12-14
Hollywood Bowl