Friday, July 4, 2014

I Was Beating Goku at Bowling at the Dragon Bowl Z VIP Party

Funimation surprised guests attending the Red Carpet Premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods with a surprise after party at Lucky Strike Lanes at LA Live. Fans were given special orange wristbands for entry after the spectacular return of DBZ to the US and on the big screen. After a short walk through LA Live you entered a private party from Funimation with free food and drinks.

With screens in back playing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods and Dragon Ball balloons on couches TTDILA started a game challenging Bulma, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan to a battle of bowling. Crying out,  "Final Flash" and taking the name Vegeta as our moniker we battled Goku into the night before having to leave before a winner could be titled.

Christ Sabat (Vegeta) and Justin Cook (Ox King, DBZ Producer) were at the party mingling with guests with much of the Funimation team. Guests who had just enjoyed the film could bowl they night away with balls that didn't have any stars on them, but were still fun to use, even though they couldn't summon any dragons.

A review of the film and the night is pending, even more coverage coming from AX 2014 later.

* I can't say the event didn't remind us of TTDILA's own Anime Bowling Night for AX last year. Funimation was a sponsor, I wonder where they got the idea?