Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ghostbusters in Anime

Maybe animators in Japan have finally cracked, maybe they just like the movies and know it's the 30th Anniversary of the ghost-busting team. Two animes that came out last week featured cameos from the Ghostbusters and Slimer.

Tokyo ESP episode 3 featured the Ghostbusters hunting and capturing a cute defenseless flying esper penguin, Peggy. Luckily the epser heroine of the series,  Rinka Urushiba rescues him.

Dr. Venkman arrives

 There's nothing cuter than this scene in the episode
Then over in Space Dandy episode 17 we have Slimer making a shot cameo that made fun of many more movies than just Ghostbusters, nobody puts Dandy in the corner!
Slimer wearing a captain's hat means it's parody?

It's a perfect Adult Swim show in that it makes no sense