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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Skyler Page Kicked Off Clarence For Alleged Groping

Skyler Page
Skyler Page, the creator and show runner of Clarence has been kicked out of Cartoon Network. After a controversy that evolved on Twitter about an alleged sexual assault. Cartoon Network took no time in cutting Skyler from it's studios. Clarence, the show he created, is now without a showrunner and questions if it will remain in production have arisen with no statement from Cartoon Network yet.

Emily Partridge came forward as the alleged victim of a sexual assault by Skyler Page after Mare Odomo, an indie illustrator came forward about Skyler's alleged behavior on Twitter. When proof was demanded through Twitter Emily came forward.

The situation has commentators from a wide range of indie comics and artists including K.C. Green, Regular Show Comics;Lamar Abrams, Lamar currently works on Steven Universe and Katie Rice, Skatie. All of which TTDILA is a fan of. These artists side with Partridge. Twitter, is also open to many other dissenters not giving valid arguments and just insulting Emily.

Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time consoled Emily Partridge after she revealed the news on Twitter. A picture of him playing with a ET glove hand made it's way onto her Twitter. She discussed with Ward and another friend, Ryan Pequin, a storyboard artist on Regular Show, about creating some sort of online safe place for women.

Skyler Page isn't someone new to Cartoon Network, he was a storyboarder on Adventure Time before getting his own series.