Monday, July 7, 2014

Sailor Moon Multiplied The Massive Cosplay Meetup at Anime Expo

Staffs and wands were raised in the air as scores of Sailor Scouts sat in the events hall to be counted for the massive Sailor Moon Cosplay Meetup at Anime Expo 2014. Last Saturday evening, all types of colorful costumed girls strolled in by the dozens in miniskirts and wigs of a rainbow of colors to be counted. Viz Media wanted to collect as many scouts as it could for the event and may have. Numbers have not been released of yet on all the Sailor Guardians who attended.

After a chorus of the theme song of Sailor Moon in English and Japanese, the cosplayers, dressed up like Sailor Moon and variations of the character as different as a Kirby(Nintendo) and Claptrap (Borderlands) , stood up when called for photo action. Shouts for Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury and the other planets that share the names of the scouts were called. Your Chibi-Moon's were called with villains getting their chance to take an evil laugh and bow.

There were so many Sailor Moons to choose from, TTDILA's top choice had to be the Sailor Scouts dressed as cheerleaders.

Men were not standing idly by for the event, for every Tuxedo Mask their were some very funny burly looking Sailor Men in attendance

Viz thanked everyone for their participation and revealed the get together would be an extra on a future release of the remastered Blu-rays starting to come out this November.

Those who missed out on the Sailor Moon Panel at AX, the fate of the voice cast for the remastered episodes has been released. It is as follows:
voice cast source: ANN

TTDILA  would rather that the original voice cast come back and re-record, but that's Viz's choice.

                                                                         more photos

 Outside of the event

She'll never turn her back on a friend, yeah right