Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little Tokyo Gets Naked

Weller Court, in Little Tokyo, was used in a commercial for VH1's reality show, Dating Naked. Naked couples, including the not as risque anymore man-to-man type danced around Weller Court for a few seconds.

In no way was this a live stunt as the video titles itself. There's too many legal problems VH1 would have faced, for one you'll notice no kids and surprisingly little to no Asian people. I can tell you from my own experience of walking around Weller Court that those demographics were all hired extras, all the blurred faces as well.

The little check-in area at the 33 second mark does not exist. Nor does the flower lady or the Jazz musicians. Judging from the the light, I'm guessing it was filmed very early in the morning.

I'm sad Q Pop couldn't make it in.


Update: The advertising company behind the commercial is quite interesting, "Mistress" worked on the "live like a pirate campaign" for Assassins Creed.