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Thursday, July 31, 2014

In Focus: Tokyo @ The Getty

For those into Japanese culture, Getty has a new exhibit for you from four photographers on Japan's most well known city, Tokyo.

In Focus: Tokyo
Date: Daily, August 5 - December 14, 2014,
Location: West Pavilion, Lower Level, Getty Center
Admission: Free

Although a kaleidoscopic vision would seem to be required to represent the hyperreal megalopolis of Tokyo, the four Japanese photographers in this exhibition have found a way to portray their city at a human scale. Mikiko Hara adopts a quiet, daylit, snapshot style for spontaneous portraits of her young contemporaries; Daido Moriyama haunts the burgeoning neighborhood of Shinjuku for fragments of nightlife; Shigeichi Nagano observes the interactions of community within a perpetually rebuilt environment; and Masato Seto focuses on the hard-won leisure of local couples escaping the cramped quarters of high-rise living.