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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mangabomb The Strange New Free Manga Magazine

Mangabomb was picked up over the weekend in Little Tokyo; it has free distribution in LA, Vegas and Frisco. It's an odd one to say the least. The free manga magazine seemingly has no ties to any of the anime or manga companies that are well known and its stories are decidedly different.

Issue 0 starts off with Salaryman Kintaro : Money Wars about a Japanese businessman starting work at a new company. Not the most exciting adventure to get young readers to keep reading.The other two tales: Sugar Sugar Rune; two magical girls vying to be queen, GGG; an old thief still has style, are more broad to get a wider audience.

Odd that this mag had no seen presence at Anime Expo. The magazine did capture photos from the recent LA Cosplay Con and revealed it wishes to cover more cosplay events to chronicle.

The magazine editor, Kenichi Nakamura, believes he'll boost distribution of the magazine to 33 cities by 2017.

Issue 1 comes out Aug 5, look for it in Little Tokyo and Japanese community areas.