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Monday, July 7, 2014

Shovel Knight Shovel Not What You Think

As asked about in our interview with the Shovel Knight crew:

" When will I be able to purchase my own Shovel Knight brand shovel?
NW: Quick, get Home Depot on the line! We need this now! Actually, you may be happy to know that while a real shovel isn’t happening yet, we do have a lot of merchandise in the works. We’ve been talking to lots of different companies about getting awesome Shovel Knight gear in everyone’s hands. We already have shirts you can get from Mighty Fine ( but the ultimate dream, for me, is to have Shovel Knight brand cereal complete with diamond shaped marshmallows and shovel spoon!"

The answer is fairly soon, though not in the cool Home Depot way it should be. If we were in Japan, yeah.

Think Geek is coming out with a toy 2D Shovel Blade and a Shovel Knight Helmet. No dates confirmed yet.