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Friday, July 11, 2014

California: A Novel The First Few Chapters Review

After fighting Amazon over it's price and getting the Colbert bump, California: A Novel by Edan Lepucki, has been making it's way on to tablets and into independent bookstores. The main draw for the populace of LA is it's a dsytoptian love story set in our future. Not in the general future, the future of LA. As the site has LA it's title we were compelled to peruse it after NPR could not give up talking about it.

A couple of lovebirds, Frida and Cal, with fears of a raising a child in a future out of LA, that's become a crumbling mess, as in so many dark future films, bring up how the city slowly contorted and broke apart. References to The Grove being reclaimed by nature to look like it's namesake and other little jokes about LA in a future with depleted resources are brought up in the every day tasks our two unfortunate friends carry out in their everyday lives.

Writer Edan Lepucki put Frida's former job as working the register at Canter's Deli and one of the early attacks from a idealistic terrorist group kidnapping a politician out of Calabasas;  letting him going naked with just a paper hat. They're are short call backs to LA, each building a piece of Frida and Cal's past, each having the story flow from them.

This work of fiction, which centers more on the two lovers trying to make it outside in the "afterlife" away from LA is due too much credit for the accolades it's been receiving. Reading it reminds us so much of something you might pick up in high school, with some science fiction folded in. Every moment takes a century from waking up in the morning to cleaning some clothes; time for another flashback.

LA is second tier to the two main characters. Residents of LA will still get their kicks like nerds who know something of the back-story a regular reader might miss.

We'll finish the the book hopefully in the next two weeks depending on other media taking up our time.

Amazon did work out a deal and you can pick up the book yourself for only $7.99 on Kindle and other formats.