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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

California: A Novel Finished Review I Hate Frida and Cal

Well, it's not going to get feminist approval because Frida  is an idiot. Cal's also an idiot. Frankly, they're both idiots and they deserve each other in this trashy love story set in a dystopian future with memories of LA glanced at.

It's predictable sci-fi no better than the line-up on Sy-Fy, possibly a little bit better. Dominion's transitions from sex scene to happy orphan were down right creepy.

As much as fans of the book give it praise it's about two idiots, Frida and Cal, trying to make it alone in the woods. When a possible child comes into the picture new fears arise. They slowly solve mysteries leading to a group of others. Will they be accepted or killed? Will the past come back to threaten them or save them?

Edan Lepucki grabbed me at some points. When big reveals and mysteries started to break about missing children and how one mysterious group fought another off it had me reading more than I wanted to find answers.

The ending, a 1984 Orwellian sort of acceptance is a bit creepy, but then I remembered I hated Cal and Frida. Frida and Cal are they average, average couple, with Frida being a lot more naive and generally lacking street smarts. Cal is a follower who doesn't act. Together they're sheeple and might be the few protagonists I've come to hate reading as and about. They're just so boring, they both have back stories and could be a friend you have in LA, a boring friend who thinks very little past their own ego.

I don't recommend if there's any book about LA's dystopian future you could get and I'm sure there are.