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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Obama Visting Wednesday and Thursday

Obama is vising LA again this week. Be ready for traffic congestion.

Here's the possible plans, but they can change at anytime.

from reddit:
We are aware that President Obama will be visiting the Los Angeles area on Wednesday, July 23, and Thursday, July 24. While the exact travel plans, routes and times for the President are never released here are some basic assumption
July 23 - Sources indicate that Air Force One will arrive at LAX Wednesday, July 23 at approximately 2:30pm.Sources report that the President will make an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show being taped in Hollywood at 3pm, where the President is expected to be for approximately one hour. It is believed that he will depart LAX and go straight to the El Capitan Theater for the taping. We have no information on the mode of transportation from LAX to Hollywood, but expect that at least a portion of that will be made by helicopter to an undisclosed location where he will then motorcade the balance of the trip Some spokespeople from the Kimmel show had released a statement earlier that the President was not appearing on the show, but many other sources are contradicting that and it is widely believed that he will make an appearance on the show.
Later that evening (Wednesday, July 23rd) we are aware that the President will be attending a fundraiser at the home of “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes (believed to be in Hancock Park), with actress Kerry Washington co-hosting. This will require travel from Hollywood to the Hancock Park area in the late afternoon. This certainly could affect traffic in the area.
It is common that President stay in Beverly Hills during overnight visits to the area, exact locations are not released to the public, but we can expect this to be the case for this trip as he will already be in neighboring Hancock Park. As this trip will be later in the evening, the traffic impact should be less significant, but would include rolling street closures.

July 24 - The President is expected to attend a roundtable discussion with about 30 people at the home of Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation (believed to be in the Brentwood area). If the President does in fact stay in Beverly Hills we can expect that he will motorcade to this event and we should expect rolling street closures during that time. While we have not been able to confirm the time of this event, it is believe that this will take place in the early to mid-morning. Again this would likely have an impact on West LA / Beverly Hills traffic conditions. In addition, the President is scheduled to speak at the LA Trade Technical College near downtown Los Angeles beginning at 1:15pm before heading to LAX for the 3:10pm scheduled departure. The travel to and from this event could use a combination of helicopter and motorcade as the President makes the crosstown trip from the west side and then back to LAX.
As with all Presidential travel plans, no details are released to the public and can be changed at any time.