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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Remember Me Quick Review

Remember Me

In the end all you have is your memories and the massive debt from your college loans.

-Some stand-up comedian

Welcome to Neo-Paris, oh jeez what are those things! Starting off strong with a female lead with amnesia who can beat up mutant freaks in the 404 area of France the game is like a delicious French pastry. Delicious at first, as you eat it more and more you notice some of it is a bit stale and wasn't as fresh as it looked.

Listen, any time Capcom allows for a new character and not a reboot I'm happy. The mysterious Nilin, Memory Hunter fills that role with a nice new backdrop. Plenty of platforming parkour be it in the rich future sector to the dystopian slums of Paris. A combo system to break the noses of those in your way with musical accompaniment for the more you stay in battle.

It all falls apart as enemies, areas and even the key feature or remixing past memories gets redone. Battling enemies becomes a chore, some aren't even meant to be hit directly, they'll hurt your health killing you in the process and seeing them again and again tears down patience.

The stand-out feature of re-mixing memories, where you go into other people's heads and change pieces until you get a desired outcome were too few. I wanted to remix many more minds and see bad outcomes if I remixed poorly. Sometimes you get fun to watch outcomes like a future self-moving luggage bag crash and burn.

Remember Me falls again into the Capcom category of rushed in the end. Whatever was suppose to be the real final parts of the game seem smushed out for repetitive fights. It resembles a close connection to Devil May Cry's recent reboot story if you remember that review.

A rental you might not finish towards the end.

I only hope Nilin can make it into the next Marvel Vs Capcom, if that ever comes out.