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Monday, January 6, 2014

LA Links: Paul Walker Burned, Good-Bye LA Historic Park

Paul Walker died a very painful death

"The car crashed into a pole and several trees on Hercules Street in Santa Clarita. The force was so strong that after the driver's side of the vehicle hit a light pole and tree, the car continued spinning until Walker's passenger side slammed into another tree and burst into flames, according to the report.
"It appeared that the vehicle was almost split in half," according to the report.
Both Rodas' and Walker's bodies were found braced for impact in a "pugilistic" stance.
Rodas also suffered multiple injuries to his head. His skull was fractured and his brain was exposed, the autopsy report said."

Paul Walker burned beyond recognition in 100 mph crash, autopsy finds

LA State Historic Park will be closed for one year. Where will we have the craft fairs, music concerts and awful Horror Campouts now?

Cornfield Park Closing In Feb. For Huge Makeover/Expansion

"The new additions to the park, located just east of Chinatown and visible from the Gold Line, will include permanent bathrooms, an amphitheater, two parking lots, and space for farmers' markets, and expand the space to 32 acres."