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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things We Missed: Rilakkuma Sparkle Holiday @ The Well

nightmares do come true
this guy's eyes, creepy

We are not the omnipresence you think we are, we can't see all events happening in LA. So many holiday events are going on we were bound to miss the creepy one with tiny bears. We went to the Madoka Magica event and the people at it were far less creepy than those at the Rilakkuma Sparkle Holiday @ The Well that took place last Saturday. You could celebrate the emotionless  Rilakkuma bear similar to emotionless Hello Kitty, hhhm are they teaching young girls to hide their emotions?

The creepiest smiles on people for Sparkle Holiday compared to October's coverage of Halloween events. The imagery of Halloween monsters put me at ease compared to the grinning menace and blank faces of those party-goers.

*Man, I hope Haunted Play learns how to not suck at actually running an event and can stay open longer next year.

LA Weekly has plenty of pictures and a paragraph worth of what happened at the event here.

Ever see the photos of victims in black and white from police photographers? Think of that with the living, though honestly the living dead is a better use for these soulless a Rilakkumas.

Maybe the event wasn't so bad.