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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For The Anime Lover This Christmas

Michiko & Hatchin: Complete Series

From the creators of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo a tale of one hot momma and her feisty daughter on the road trying to find her Poppa in Latin American environment. Filled with guns, outrageous action and more this will entertain anyone beyond just robots fighting.This will instantly transport you back to Bebop with the style, music, action and drama.

 Michiko is hot spicy Latin lady fresh out of jail, she escaped. She picks up her estranged daughter, Hatchin and they quest to find her Daddy.

They're an odd couple, Michiko is suppose to act like an adult, but is far from it and Hatchin has had it tough in this strange Latin world. Scenes can quickly mix from being funny to emotional and messed up. This is not just a road trip, but a look into the dark underbelly of crime, poverty and corruption which can switch at any moment to some fun parties.

Full review pending, have to re-watch it dubbed.

The Anime Club Book (Gunshow Volume 2 - New Cover) by K.C. Green
 $15.00 +Shipping
A sad sad, but funny look into the appreciation of anime. A small club of anime otaku ban together to enjoy anime together and it's hard not to laugh at them.