Friday, November 8, 2013

Delusion No More? Haunted Play Ends Early

A late Halloween update, Delusion's 2013 season is cancelled early. In it's third year, one of the best attractions for Halloween in LA had to cancel it's November shows due to being blocked from receiving the permits required to keep it open. The haunted play was more than a haunted house, an interactive, video game like story was play out with you in it. It was a rocky season with it's opening weekend being cancelled as well.

TTDILA did not have the chance to review the event this year and perhaps with out it's luck it was damned to these problems. Or it could have been it's new location in Silver Lake and the problems with getting a temporary liquor license. In any case if you were lucky enough to experience the event you weren't lucky enough to keep it open for the rest of us.