Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas, Akira

That guy that those Teen Titans Go plus a Christmas hat I added
An attempt at the TTDILA Christmas party of coming together through Akira failed miserably with fire.

After the recent re-release and showing of Akira on Toonami I was put into a festive mood. I thought it be genuinely wholesome of each member of the staff brought a Christmas candle to melt together symbolizing the togetherness we feel during the holidays. The melted together candles would represent this and the gross undulating mass of Tetsuo's arm and later his body from the classic anime.

Sadly, like the attempted live action remake of the movie my holiday plan failed. The candles more or less caught on fire and the doll representing Tetsuo did burn brightly. It was still a beautiful fire that gurgled weird noises and burned a mysterious green glow that brought us together that evening.

Who brought the pumpkin?