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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cinefamily’s 2013 Telethon Dec 14-15




It is that time again.

The time when the Cinefamily asks you took look down into your wallet for pocket change.

Cinefamily’s 2013 Telethon
1PM on December 14th, to 1PM on December 15th
The Cinefamily
611 N Fairfax Avenue

Watch it live streaming here

In it's 3rd year the Telethon hopes to raise half-a-million dollars. How? By having quasi-celebrity and actual known to public talent show up and allowing everyone to enter for free. First come, first seated, all our welcome to come in, donate some cash and watch whatever insane acts will be going on.

Last year saw Robert Downey Jr. and a tuba that shot fire. Anything can happen and anyone can stop by. This event goes non-stop so you can show up at 4am and be considered early to the party.

Here's the full schedule. I'm seeing the lovely Miranda July with the less attractive Mike Judge and Eric Wareheim on the list of known attendees.

Give some cash so Hadrian can buy some new ugly T-shirts that don't even lend themselves to the term hipster. Seriously, that guy will be on stage, don't think it's some homeless guy they let in because they felt bad, he runs the joint.

And that joint needs you or it will shut down and some sort of new shoe store or ugly art gallery will open on Melrose.