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Saturday, December 21, 2013

You Need To Watch The Robo Knight Before Christmas Episode of Power Rangers Mega Force

You Need To Watch "The Robo Knight Before Christmas" Episode of Power Rangers Mega Force.

A Power Ranger robot goes to Africa to celebrate Christmas. This is a special to watch with adult friends who have seen Power Rangers as kids and laugh at how dumb a clip show can be. A premise so bad that a robot goes to Africa, just Africa, it's never explained what part of Africa, the box literally just has AFRICA ON IT!

Robo Knight, that's the robot's name, celebrates Christmas with a bunch of black children who just received presents from America as he slowly cooks a soup of fruit?

So, Robo Knight is told to find the meaning of Christmas by standing still for 24 hours in the mall the Power Rangers hang out in. He chooses to stand near the toy donation area and of course gets mistaken as a giant toy and sent to Africa. In Africa, he is mistaken for Santa and meets native black children that all speak perfect English, but don't know what Santa looks like. They are not a major city, this is some village in the middle of nowhere.
The robot is not the worst actor in this scene

Robo Knight then reveals secrets about the Power Rangers, such as who they are and their weaknesses to the children even though he was suppose to describe selfless acts of good will. This is a clip show. The amount of clips that are used seemed humorously small. This show has forty episodes already and they took clips from what was like 4 episodes, one of them having the robot rap.

Robo Knight takes so long to make fruit soup and bores everyone with his clip show stories that they all fall a sleep. Then he transforms into flying mode and comes back to America.

Hats off to you writer James Bates for making an instantly classically bad Christmas clip show episode. I never saw it coming that Robo Knight would go to Africa at the start. Perhaps someone should get you an Atlas for Christmas so you can finally find out what country in Africa Robo Knight visited.

I know the show is written for children, but ... you couldn't name a country in Africa?

Oh, if your watching to laugh, just wait for the bad acting, there's plenty.

so trying to not be racist

that's the company airport cargo, how dumb do they think kids are or hhow uncreative is the writing?