Monday, December 16, 2013

Elves A B-Horror Christmas Must

Bad acting, mall teenagers, a stranger that looks like Santa in disguise, Nazis and incest is only the tip of icicle shoved into your brain as you flop around on the snow asking, "What?". This 1989 B-Horror blunder of a Christmas movie features one, one elf for a title called Elves, that goes on a murder spree during Christmas. Featuring actors who can't act and are constantly angry. Everyone in the film is angry for no reason, such animosity to your fellow man on Christmas. The elf's focus is on a young girl for unsanctimonious reasons.

Favorite scene- Hobo Santa walks into a Professor's Christmas dinner with his family for info. The Professor's daughters, two little girls, start playing and throwing food because they're bored because their father is explaining how the Nazis were trying to create elf assassins while the Mexican made is asked to call 911 to remove him.