Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's A Covered California Christmas and Don't Run From The LAPD

Covered California sent out a bunch of letters that make no sense due to a computer error.

California's health exchange botched letters to 114,000 households
"The letters would say you are eligible for Covered California, but you are ineligible for blank," said exchange spokeswoman Anne Gonzales. "It seemed to contradict whether the enrollee was eligible. It was confusing to people."

The lawsuit everyone saw coming from the Corvette driver who gut gunned down by the LAPD was announced.

Father recalls watching son being shot, killed by LAPD officers

The article manages not to mention what 
Brian Beaird did for a living to own a Corvette.

His family wants $50 million. They city should counter-sue his family for the damage he did to the city and the need for police response.

"He was simply afraid and paranoid of the police, even though he has never been convicted of any felonies," said Dale Galipo, the family's attorney. "And that paranoia of the police is one of the reasons why he didn't pull over."