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Monday, December 30, 2013

Zelda Wrapping Paper Contest Last Day

you could win this
Jeez, the entries have been so minimal anyone could win even if they enter today. I thought you people liked Zelda? Why not draw quick sketch of what Zelda Wrapping Paper might look like and win?

 To win one of these posters you'll have to send in a Legend of Zelda wrapping paper design to

conteststtdila (at)

with the subject being

Legend of Zelda wrapping paper

 include your full name, age and address

Anything will due, but the best sketches/drawings/what have you win. I want wrapping paper that's based on the Legend of Zelda. Be creative! Have It's Dangerous To Go Alone repeated. Mix in a Home Alone idea. Whatever, just have fun.

Deadline is Dec 30. Open to US residents only.