Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Trip to Japan in Sixteen Minutes, Revisited Sold Out

Do you smell? I mean with your nose. Those luckily enough to get the free tickets for A Trip to Japan in 16 minutes, Revisited must have been. This feast of smells is taking place at the Hammer Museum in January and every spot has been taken. Based on a "scent concert" that took place more than a 100 years ago in New York, a new revised smelling theater has the pungent arrival at the Hammer starting January 7th for a limited run. Now guests will enjoy Japan's smell from the comfort of LA.

Unlike it's predecessor's performance, which was an abysmal failure where its creator ended half-way through to cat-calls, this show has learned from those mistakes. A six-course smelling of different scents will be filtered into the room from a revised machine used in the original performance. Each smell devised from a real perfumer will be accompanied by its own music and sounds. To truly take in the performance guests will be blindfolded.

Hopefully, the scent theater becomes such a success that we can all smell it some time in the future.

A Trip to Japan in Sixteen Minutes, Revisited
Sold Out
Jan 7-12
The Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd., 
Los Angeles, CA 90024