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Monday, December 9, 2013

Adventure Time Gifts For Christmas

Poketo's new line of Adventure Time Wallets Series 2 features the insides of Finn and Jake and hole that leads into them.. not out of them. The wallet's outside is their mouths, the inside? An inside look of Finn and Jake. Perfect for taking out and pretending to have someone a dog's mouth.
$20 each

"Created by design duo Jolby, they wanted to create a wallet that’s more than just that — it’s a magical wallet with the ability to transform any fan into Jake: “We wanted the owner of this wallet to feel like they can put it up to their face and become the character instantly!”

 These characters hats have been out for a while, would anyone dare where them. The Jake hat might be great for cold weather. The Lady Rainicorn hat will have people turn around and stare at you.