Friday, December 6, 2013

Game Fest & Potluck 8: Babes in Gameland! Dec 7

You might want to try the Meetup group of Westside Geeks & Nerds this Saturday. It's a big get together for the holiday season.

This is a huge event to play video games and board games.

Two things: 1. you do have to sign up for the group. 2. Be careful with the e-mail lists from Meetup, opt out of everything, it's way too much.

Game Fest & Potluck 8: Babes in Gameland!
Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Come celebrate the spirit of Christmas early in December at the next Game Fest & Potluck event!
Bring holiday foods, drinks, and snacks and even Holiday-themed games!
The theme colors are red, white, and silver, but you can come dressed up in festive colors of red, gold, blue, green, and silver (optional but encouraged).
The Game Fest Potlucks are very lively, super fun, highly diverse, and social, featuring tabletop and console gaming, and food and drink of all kinds!
If you love all-night gaming, cool geeky company, and lots of food, this event's for you!"