Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrong Cops Quick Review Wrong

Wrong Cops

I take back putting Wrong Cops in the Weekly What To Do section. Quentin Dupieux's fourth film is an argument someone could you against indie movies being garbage and they would win. It could have been the bizarre shooting schedule, from what I've read online was random and not shot altogether. The film features short vignettes of bad cops doing bad things. The pace and switching from cop to cops matches changing what your listening to on the radio. Dupieux's background in music breaks through as large chunks of the film are about music choices even a cop trying to get a song distributed.

The cops acting, the ugly setting and boring camera work make nothing stand out in the film. Wrong, his previous film, had some strange ideas, psychically linking to your dog. That's not even here. This movie is void of the strange, except for one joke about pot distribution in dead animals, in favor of cops acting badly and I mean that literally.

It's like Dupieux's somehow got worse as a director and writer. After loving Rubber and being saddened by Wrong, it's time for Dupieux to stick to music, which is what he cared more about in the film then any story.

Wrong Cops is a series of shorts that should be free on the internet, though I wouldn't continue to watch them.