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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sonic the Hedgehog Gifts for Christmas

A friend of TTDILA loves Sonic, don't so many? Here's two more gifts for TTDILA'S Holiday Gift Guide and are blue speedster.

Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Book Subscriptions

Why not follow the Adventures of Sonic that have to tie-in with the games eventually. Sooner or later whatever happens in the games enters Sonic's Comic world. Rich with characters and plot development as thick as X-Men comic.

1 Year Subscription (12 issues)
Receive an issue every month!
Regular price: $35.88
Sale price: $24.00, unknown when over

 Is there anything classier and more refined than seeing video games changed into wall art. Yes. However, no one will question your taste, while others will laugh and go, "Wait, ... are those the Chaos Emeralds?" , when you have this up at your house. From The Daily Robot this piece is for fans of Sonic who have grown-up and want to be remembered that if the can collect all the emeralds they can glow as shiny as a Super Sayain.

$10, not including shipping