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Monday, December 2, 2013

Link List: Hedonism Bot, 1988, Soda, Huntington

-Futurama x Kidrobot – Hedonism Bot

- The Many Experiences Of Art: An Interview With Jensen Karp Of Gallery 1988

  “No one wanted to take us seriously because of the art we showed. Who is to say what we’re doing is or isn’t art? We never thought it wasn’t art. I still don’t understand how people don’t see what these artists are doing as art. To see that we are still in business and that we’ve had four or five books come out and that we’ve had shows in New York and that we worked for the Oscars and to see that there’s now a pop culture gallery in every major city are all marks of our accomplishments.”

- Behind-the-Scenes of the Huntington Library Main Exhibition Hall's Renovation

 "The Huntington's Main Exhibition Hall re-opened recently to the public after its 17-month, $2.5 million renovation. And its new permanent exhibition, "Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times: Highlights from the Huntington Library, " features roughly 150 objects -- photographs, folios, journals, letters -- covering a wide sprawl of time from the early 14th Century the up to the mid-20th."

- My favorite soda pop place, Galco's, gets it's owner John Neese interviewed. What if he had a soda art show with Gallery 1988? Dreams!
-Inside the Mind of a Soda Iconolcast