Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kickstarter LA: The Augmented Detective: An Immersive Noir Adventure

I have to commend Greg Snyder of Wise Guy Events for reaching out to us here at TTDILA for his new Kickstarter The Augmented Detective: An Immersive Noir Adventure.

The augmented reality game has you playing detective trying to find a detective with your smart phone and Greg and his team want to make it free for everyone. It takes place in LA and has you going through a variety of locations, this is by far one of my favorite Kickstarters announced. It directly affects us here in LA and could make one of your weekends more fun as you solve a mystery downtown.

Gre gave a great list of reasons for it to be featured on the site and I'm listing them.

"We think The Augmented Detective could be a great story for TTDILA for these reasons:

LA-positive - We love this city, and we know there are a ton of cool places downtown that a lot of people still don't know about. We want to highlight the treasures of LA for both locals and visitors, in the context of an experience that we hope will be considered a positive feature of downtown in its own right.

 Novel Gameplay - While the idea of an alternate reality game isn't new (it is still quite young, though), it hasn't been done this way before. The closest thing to it was the Jejune Institute in SF which we loved. We've taken inspiration from that to make something uniquely magical in LA.

Pedestrian-Centric - As game designers, we like to get people interacting directly with their environment, and that means physically visiting locations on foot. This game will be local enough to play without vehicles in about two hours."

I strongly suggest getting into this Kickstarter so more emerging content like it can prosper in our city. Just think what could happen maybe augmented reality leagues and long winded mysteries to solve around the city that aren't real. Murder LA still has many unanswered questions.