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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creepypasta: Night of the Demons

Poster by Matthew Skiff
Creepypasta, reviews of horror to watch, games to play or other Halloween goodies.Creepypasta's real meaning is short online horror stories or urban legends.


Night of the Demons 

From live watching:

-Animated title sequence wooh!
-This film is already great to me all the characters are jerks. You've got fat guy, his small girlfriend, small black guy
-The old man was evil the whole time, but damn everyone likes bugging him.
-Girl butt six minutes in
-Wait, this white guy is eating Vanilla wafers?
-Everyone in this a jerk, also boobs seven minutes in
-Video game noises and butt
-Again?, no one in this movie is a good person

A good person does show up and a great 80's horror film spanning two sequels and a remake from 2009 scares with thought of possession. Only after some research did I realize seeing the remake, which was part of the local Screamfest years ago.

The film sets the night as a bunch of teenagers go off to party at a haunted house. Bad for them and good for us as the house is really haunted by demons possessing them one be one when they either meet their end or make "physical contact". Demon kisses anyone?

What sets the film apart is there's quite the big cast of people to die off. There's cliche after cliche of the genre. Yet, it's still inviting to sit back and watch a bunch of dumb teens get slaughtered. Some great special effects for the time and some painful deaths to witness.

Remember, always check your Trick-or-Treat Candy kids.