Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life In The Analog Age Vol 3: All Of This Review The Past Is A Gas

Life In The Analog Age Vol 3: All Of This

Gabe Swarr has since moved on to animating his autobiographical tales of himself transformed into a little anthropomorphic bear, but you can remember when it was merely a comic. Life In The Analog Age Vol 3: All Of This collects the last remainder of Gabe's comics to peruse through at one's pleasure on the toilet, on flights or simply in a chair of some making.

Each tale a peak into the 80's and Wonder Years-esque feelings, except you'll like the kid whose reminiscing about his past. Man, I hated the Wonder Years and that annoying kid. I like Little Bear Kid in these comics. Look through to the past, to catch family moments, kid thoughts and school time perils. "The Bully" arc where "our hero" carries out a plan to destroy his school bully sure takes a 180 to the normal story of overcoming a bully.

This also collects possibly my favorite comic of the series where a Pac-Man costume is made for Halloween.

Gabe's art style will wrap you up in nostalgia as vivid memories come to life like a well done cartoon.

Please check out Gabe's new animated series of Life in The Analog Age

Check out my newest favorite episode "Hard" it makes me want Gabe to speak at Keiji Inafune's funeral when his murdered by Capcom for blatantly ripping off Megaman with Mighty No. 9.

specs for Life In The Analog Age Vol 3

-collects the entire third year run of comics
-all 25  "Advent Gift" strips
-19 page story "Hero"
-2 extra side projects
-exclusive 24 page story called "Dumpster"
-behind the scenes art and photos

The book is 116 pages, printed in full color, and manga sized (5.25 x 7.5).