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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creepypasta: Fright Night and The Craft

Creepypasta, reviews of horror to watch, games to play or other Halloween goodies.Creepypasta's real meaning is short online horror stories or urban legends.

Fright Night (1985)

-A young Marcy from Married with Children?

-Peter Vincent = Vincent Price

Fright Night didn't need a remake, it's a classic 80's horror movie in the sub-genre of a person already into horror, vampires, experiencing some real horror in their life.

Charlie is your average stupid teenager who happens to love the show Fright Night about vampires starring Peter Vincent. One night a new neighbor moves in and happens to be a vampire, of course this first scene features some heavy petting and nude neck biting. Charlie's girlfriend played by a young Marcy from Married with Children eventually gets taken in by his fanged neighbor and he has to rescue her along side his TV hero Peter Vincent.

Oh, his d*ck friend becomes a vampire along the way and isn't really helpful.

The special effects in this one are amazing to see. A transformantion of werewolf back to teenage boy, a vampire's ghoul oozing out it's green blood after being shot in the head at point blank range and some big mouth vampire transformations.

One scene set in the city shows how tough our vampire is by killing two bouncers in front of a huge crowd of people. I guess no worries of being identified?

The Craft

Was Charmed based on this film, because the music from Charmed is in here.

Four high school girls are secretly witches and together become super powerful jerks.

New girl Sarah moves to LA, already like this film, after some attempted suicide. She joins a group of misfit girls at here new Catholic high school who all have messed-up problems. They soon gain more power as a coven and wreak havoc on their school mates.

-These high school girls just stroll around downtown LA like it's perfectly find too. Oh, wait a creepy homeless man comes after them, that's what really happens.

-The coven of witches has all lived anguished lives and in the end only main character Sara learned a lesson, the rest were real jerks.

-Special effects once again show off. One scene where Sara is under the spell of her coven has bugs covering her whole house, that includes her bathroom.

-Witch battle!