Friday, October 11, 2013

SpectreFest Oct 19 - 31

You thought it was over. You though Halloween couldn't get bigger. You were wrong. Dead wrong. SpectreFest is coming to LA this October.

Oct 19 - 31
Cemetery and Cinefamily

SpectreFest adds to the list of Halloween horror festivals, really I have to add it to the Horror Movie and Film Festival List. It comes also as a vehicle for Elijah Wood to show off his new film Grand Piano. Please, don't have a problem with that. In Grand Piano, Wood plays a pianist back out of retirement who must play a long piece of music completely without a mistake or his wife will be killed. The film happens in real time. If you saw Maniac, which would be nice to be included in SpectreFest, you'd want Elijah always playing an antagonist more often. Wood will be there in person for a Q and A after the screening.

SpectreFest is more or less Cinefamily programming for Halloween now called SpectreFest. I mean most of the listed events were already scheduled and now it's called SpectreFest. Check out the full schedule for the event above.


In all sincerity, SpectreFest is a new film festival by SpectreVision, a film production and music management company, co-founded and partnered by Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller and Elijah Wood. Working in conjuction with The Cinefamily, those three boys picked their own programming for the event. They also teamed up with Cinespia for a showing of An American Werewolf in London in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Which will not have director John Landis at it, but he'll be at a UCLA screening of his film this October. Instead, some DJing by Wood and not by Sherpard Fairey for once.
Grand Piano happens to make it in and is possibly making its first LA showing. Last time it was seen was possibly the wonderful Fantastic Fest in Texas.