Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Update: Universal Studios Gets Rid of Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Show

After an article on Vice hit about Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Show being "homophobic" it was pulled from Halloween Horror Nights. Groups for gay rights got wind of the show after the article trended and Universal decided to pull it with possible future shows in mind after anything that might offend be taken out.

I'm amazed how much the Vice article influenced Universal. That show has been complained about before for just being awful. I remember the first time I sat down to it a few years ago and wanting to leave. It's pop culture sense of humor is far worse than any current bad episode of SNL.

Knott's Scary Farm has a similar annoying show called The Hanging: A Gothic Fairytale. It does a version of it every Halloween season as well. I didn't stand around to watch it this year as it's just as bad with it's pop culture references. No idea if anything "homophobic" went up.

The year Osama was killed both shows did segments on him with the Under the Sea song from The Little Mermaid and referenced SpongeBob.

Both shows aren't trying to be racist out of hate. They simply aren't trying that hard. You could think of them as the worst stand-up comedians you've heard or just the worst sketch show you've seen.

Now articles so far seem to indicate who even writes the show.