Friday, October 18, 2013

SpectreFest Looking Deeper

The upcoming SpectreFest has many a strange and spooky film housed at The Cinefamily, not seen by audiences in these territories. The local cemetery filled with decaying stars features a werewolf film everyone may remember for one night of the festival, not the one with Micheal J. Fox. If you pause that film somewhere you can see someone's boner or so the internet legend goes!

Hey Breaking Bad, you're finally dead so let some actual horror movies be shown at that cemetery. Damn, it's like when The Captains was shown there, why would a movie about Star Trek captains be at the cemetery? That cemetery is to be used for horror movies and now that I think about it that one episode of Regular Show where Mordecai and Rigby fight zombies in a cemetery is based on it. That writing staff just takes ideas from their lives living in Burbank. I swear they just put in the Buffalo Wild Wings near the AMC 16 into the show.

Regular Show writers get out of the 80's and get ready for

Oct 19-31
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
and Cinefamily

SpectreFest comes to us from SpectreVision.

"SpectreVision is a gathering place for those dedicated to the illumination of our sublime nightmares and dark dreams."

-The SpectreVision about page

That page may have wanted to include that SpectreVision is a new production and music management company from Eijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller. With future plans of more content and expansion for the SpectreFest. There off to a good start and a good first night.

Elijah Wood looks so creepy in this pic

A night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery starts off the SpectreFest with An American Werewolf in London with DJs Turquoise Wisdom and Elijah Wood (Wisdom Wood) playing before and after the event. Elijah Wood looks so creepy in that pic. He's not even trying to be for Halloween. That's his standard DJ shot.

Afraid to break the news but, you can meet John Landis and see the same film at UCLA a week later, just don't ask him about kids acting in movies and his latest film, Burke and Hare. Both might be touchy subjects.

Though confidentially and by that I mean it's really not a secret, a premiere screening of Toad Road starts it's run at the Arena Theatre tucked away on Hollywood near the Egyptian. The film is a co-production of SpectreVision and Random Bench productions with its filmmakers in person. Sort of a pre-Spectre event, anyway it's sold-out.

It all ends with musical acts galore at The Bootleg on Halloween! A party to end the event with music from Chrome Canyon, Peanut Butter Wolf and more.

The collected films and events for the rest of the festival our truly your treat for Halloween at The Cinefamily. The Cinefamily, no not the New Bev, the other one, it's on Fairfax.

The Cinefamily, yes I know it still says Silent Movie Theatre on it. I don't know why they haven't changed it after owning it since 2007. Maybe it's a hipster thing. The Animal is nearby and it doesn't even have a name on it. It's a hipster restaurant, the food is delicious.

Sometimes it makes me want the Alamo Draft House to get here quicker.

Three rows of soft couches don't hurt, that's what the Cinefamily has and great content.

That content continues with SpectreFest.

Doug Benson, the lover of all things pot and film will interview the cast and crew of Cheap Thrills then you get to watch the film. Wait, this one takes place at the Vista Theatre, not the Cinefamily.

Cheap Thrills features a down on his luck new father about to be evicted doing some very bad things to himself for the pleasure of the most poorly dressed version of David Koechner seen in a long time. Can you take Koechner seriously with such a dumb hat on? Find out in Cheap Thrills.

Monday, October 21st

The classic Nosferatu is now Nosferatu HD. A new restored version accompanied by classic orchestra music. Before the so called talkies and the overwhelming annoying future of iPad connected movie apps there was a classic tale of vampirism. Before they twinkled, quick someone make a documentary named that!

Tuesday, October 22nd

Let's continue with the musical events from here

Kevin Tong

Metropolis with Live Score by Chrome Canyon

A sci-fi tale about the greed of man with ideas about the future featuring robotic mayhem and a huge cast. A new live modern musical act to accompany the classic will leave you haunted with its beauty.

Sunday, October 27th

LFO has me in L-O-V-E, an instant cult classic. When a basement mad scientist finds out he can control his neighbors with certain frequencies he goes down a sick path of finding out what he can take from people completely under his control. Some times the worst monster in a scary movie is man. That or the creatures from The Thing, of course the original. The prequel doesn't exist to me.

The screening  will be followed by a live set by guitar G.E. Stinson, a frequency manipulator.

Wednesday, October 23rd

Danse Macabre  Halloween Show Featuring Live Score by Ariel Pink & More!

Friday, October 25th

Elijah Wood will be in person for the showing of his thriller, Grand Piano. In it and in real time Wood must come back from retirement to play a piece on the piano and mustn't make a make a mistake. If he does he's wife will be murdered. A high-stakes thriller taking place on stage with a man on a piano.

Saturday, October 26th

On to other things beyond music, we have the art of storytelling and the "Childhood Haunts With Leigh Whannell" might be some messed up tales. Leigh wrote Saw and Insidious, so who knows what he's seen, it mentions he's seen Fortress. An Australian made for TV movie where children are hunted by men in goofy masks.

Tuesday, October 29th

What do you do when the can kill your family at any time? You fight to the death to be a proper lady. A weird organization has kidnapped women to fight to the death in a modern day coliseum for some bizarre purpose that could be a sick way of making them better people? Raze looks like a modern women-in-prison romp and by romp I mean there going to horribly kill each other.

-L.A. Premiere
- Director Josh Waller and Actors including Zoe Bell in Person

Thursday, October 24th

 Animals looks like it didn't even need to be a scary movie. More a happy Micheal Gondry film if it wanted. Even with a best bud talking bear stuffed animal and jam sessions something is wrong in the high school life of Pol. Reality seems to drift in and out and something bad is happening to Pol at his international school or is Pol doing what's bad?

Saturday, October 26th

Ever feel like your falling apart? Did this occur when Halley's Comet came by? You may need to consult a coroner or a doctor as your life goes down the tubes. When a security guard for a health club starts decaying it's not only his body that rots, his social life does suffer as he does. Growing more alone or should I say decaying alone the film shows a man already dead on his feet still moving.

Sunday, October 27th

SpectreFest runs Oct 19-31at the Cinefamily, Hollywood Forever Cemetery,Vista Theatre and ends at the Bootleg Theatre