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Monday, October 21, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Kickstarter Bee and PuppyCat: The Series

Natasha Allegri has gone to Kickstarter for more episodes of Bee and PuppyCat. If she reaches her goal, 6 new TV quality episodes, with some fine rewards to get along the way.

Wanting to make it a series is a fine choice, but why does she need funding from us?

She's with Frederator, which is producing it's own content and was paid by YouTube to start a channel now called Cartoon Hangover which makes money on it's YouTube channel. Money that should go back into producing cartoons.

When you read an article where the head of Frederator has one of the World's Largest Poster Collections , where he has to go to two separate storage locations a year to check out his entire collection you might think, "Why not fund the series with all the money you're making third fastest growing Youtube Channel."

It's not just been Frederator whose been asking for money, but other companies that could have raised funds on their own or you would think would internally have them.

This realization just happens to fall on Bee and PuppyCat: The Series, I've already been disgusted by Mighty No. 9 now saying it be fine being distributed by Capcom, which makes no sense as it could have just been funded by Capcom then.

Wanting to support someone whose made a decent product for you in the past makes sense, but with comcept USA LLC makers of Mighty No. 9, which is actually based in Tokyo, weird, they should have the money themselves to put in. Going over the comcept site it said it had millions of yen in start up money, did it waste it all or just can't manage itself as a company? Where did the money go?

If Allegri were doing this on her own and had some deal with Federator of getting a higher yeild of the profits then yeah it be cool. None of that is discussed in the Kickstarter and yes that is open for discussion if you're asking for money publicly, a little more transparency would work.

I asked the Kickstarter these questions and did get a response, where some person from Frederator tells me it doesn't have that much internal funds? Doesn't explain how that's possible if Bravest Warriors is going on it's own. Then goes over creative "input" from outside sources, which could mean network execs tweaking it, was not gone after as Kickstarter seemed like a better option.