Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anime Hype: NY Comic-Con Gets Eva 3.33 Dub?

In a traitorous turn for Funimation it was announced the dub for Evangelion 3.33 will premiere at the New York Comic-Con. Funimation seems to have snubbed it's loyal Los Angeles fan-base by premiering the third Eva film next week in New York instead of it happening at the largest anime gathering in the US at Anime Expo. Funimation decided to also show Evangelion 3.33 subtitled at the Japan Film Festival of San Francisco last Summer a mere week or two after Anime Expo.

The only good news to come from this is that we now know the English dub is complete, the release on disc did not make the Funimation release date cut for December listings, but maybe will get lucky and get it in theaters through Eleven Arts for Christmas. That be quite the Christmas present for anime fans.

The English cast for the film was announced with this update of LA-hating, New York-lovin' fiasco of unfairness.

SHINJI - Spike Spencer
KAWORU - Jerry Jewell
ASUKA - Tiffany Grant
REI - Brina Palencia
MISATO - Allison Keith-Shipp
RITSUKO - Colleen Clinkenbeard
MARI - Trina Nishimura
FUYUTSUKI - Kent Williams
GENDO - John Swasey
KITAKAMI - Tia Ballard
SAKURA - Felecia Angelle
AOBA - Phil Parsons
TAKAO - Greg Dulcie
TAMA - Aaron Roberts
HYUGA - Mike McFarland
NAGARA - Krishna Smitha
IBUKI - Caitlin Glass