Monday, October 21, 2013

Game Hype: Scale

They've stolen your cat and put you in a literal model home and all you've done is wrecked the East coast. There's a familiar sounding robot in your brain asking you questions who happens to be your therapist. Using the contents of a cell phone recycle bin you've rebuilt your weapon. Now shrink and enlarge the universe in Scale, if it get's Kickstarted that is.

Scale was actually a game at IndieCade 2013 and 2012 that got past my notice. I'm somewhat sure it wasn't named Scale yet or at least had a poorly written snyopsis when I was going over my preview of the festival.

Scale looks like a property yet to be bought by Valve just like the people behind Portal were. The games humor, dark, is off set by how colorful and playful the world looks. Scale looks to be an impressive first person puzzle shooter platformer.

Need to get a treasure from a treasure chest? Enlarge it until you can fit throught the keyhole. A giant monsters is attacking you? Shrink it and squash it. Need some more space with your wife? Seek counseling, don't do that time apart thing it never works.

The game is about 50% funded as I write this and well on it's way to be on Steam, thought it's not mentioned. The game is planning for a 2014 January release, so you'll have to wait a little over a year to see your money back, but at $10 it's now so bad. (leave space for size joke, possibly it's going to be big or very small or what the scale or does size matter in this game?)