Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sypher Art Studios @ LACMA Muse Ball

 On the way to the West Hall LACMA's Milk Bar party from A Clockwork Orange you'd encounter two very dark twins from a certain film. Yes, The Shining was recreated for party-goers and those two little girls were so creepy. They played ball, told guest to come play with them and of course freak everyone out. Jack Torrance really busted through a door with an axe every 20 minutes or so as a new plywood board was attached every time it was destroyed. It really did make the impact of that moment stand out.
 As the night went on party-goers enjoyed the very naughty top floor party with a nice homage to some of the Clockwork Orange. I would have enjoyed a real milk bar, but it was just a name. The party experience eventually winded down with many guest chilling to music and drinks in an atmosphere that was quite strange to enter with ax murderers and spacemen around you.