Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kickstarter LA: LA Game Space

I've been hearing about Adam's LA Game Space for some time now, I thought it might have been on Sawtelle near Giant Robot and UCLA, but instead they've decided on a spooky haunted factory. Now this spooky haunted factory can be changed into the LA Game Space and still have ghosts from the pasts haunt whoever dwells inside. If funded, other things that will dwell in side are lectures, events, exhibitions and the creation of video games between artist and a slew of other people ( people who have money). There also seems to be some sort of a research lab that will idenify how much a person clicks buttons on a controller and that information will be shared. The part about clicking should have best been left out of that great sale pitch above and the part where Daniel couldn't close the gate at the end. In the end it does seem like a great potential place for gamer movements.

There are many great awards at different price points for how you spend so check it out.