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Monday, November 12, 2012

PMX Cosplay and Beyond

 Cosplay was a major part of this year's PMX held at the Hitlon LAX last weekend. All sorts of video games, animes, TV shows and movies were brought to life as attendees dressed in a strange and wide assortment of odd garments that have yet to be accepted by modern society. Super heroes were a major theme at the convention and at Cosplayers Got Talent, Singled Out Anime Style and PMX Comedy Corner. All three events were filled with cosplayers saying some messed up stuff and referenced The Avengers with crude sex jokes. In other words, another fun anime con event.
Cosplayers Got Talent featured a strong troop of practiced fighters who choreographed a fight scene of Marvel heroes. In the same event someone dressed as Finn from Adventure Time and sang a song of pick up lines. He won the contest. All of them brought fans together for some community fun. I'm just sad the food challenge was cancelled that day. It seemed like it would be the highlight of the day, seeing people stuff down too much Asian food, but alas it was in the Pokemon cards.

Seeing a hotel filled with cosplayers is a sight to behold. Seeing ninjas in the lobby and anime characters up stairs made it a lively place to be. The Hilton housing us, though different from a convention center was quite accommodating. Little bonuses like ice filled water dispensers around every area were a nice touch. It may seem like little, but giving someone a cup of cold H2O or a nice place to sit does mean a lot for the average con goer. The decor wasn't actually charming, it puts the Burbank Marriot, which houses way too many events, too shame.

Shame wasn't something many cosplayers didn't have with their words. Selection I remember from Singled Out Anime Style include human sushi and chloroform for answers about love. Love was in the air in no way for that event as questions and answers were a laugh riot of what to never say to another human being.
 The aftermath of a fight between heroes. I hope Thor feels better.

                                         Tony Stark and Spider-Man taking questions while Thor just lounges about only at an anime convention.

 Someone went out of their way to make Andross from Star Fox and even made an airwing carried in the palm of their hand.

                             K-9 from Doctor Who meets a real canine.
                               Androids 17 and 18 from Dragon Ball

even more cosplay pics

                                           Him from Powerpuff Girls, or technically her